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- Hugh Bennett

The EU’s latest impending ban has vegans going totally nuts – now Brussels is prohibiting the use of words like “burger”, “sausage” and “steak” for vegan and vegetarian products. Popular meat-free alternatives face bean renamed as “veggie discs” or “quorn tubes”. This is no fa-laugh-eling matter… The Vegan Society are not at all quin(-oa) on the proposals, […]

The post Vegans Go Nuts Over EU’s “Veggie Burger” Ban appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Tom Harwood

The group formally known as The Independent Group, which now wants to be called Change UK (and also The Independent Group in parliament) yet having refused to enter into an alliance with other remain parties now uses the #RemainAlliance hashtag, finally has a new logo. It’s four horizontal lines and some words… The name ‘Change […]

The post CUK TIG Logo Competition Winner! appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Tom Harwood

One of CUK-TIG-RA’s leading candidates has shut off his Twitter account after an anti-Romanian tweet emerged. The professional boxer London MEP candidate Ali Sadjady, who informs us all he is vegan, urges his followers to “be on the right side of history” in his Twitter bio. Remainers are so confident in their virtue that they’re […]

The post TIG Candidate’s anti-Romanian Tweet Surfaces appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Tom Harwood

“The only way we’ve realised the Government will listen to us is if we actually start to ruin the economy” Unusual for them to be so honest…

The post Extinction Rebellion: We’re Trying To Ruin the Economy appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Tom Harwood

Change UK, The Independent Group, Remain Alliance (CUK-TIG-RA) have revealed their European Parliamentary candidates. They include a couple of Euro-federalist former Tory MPs and some Twitter celebrities. Also among the list with a top spot in the key region of London is Jan Vincent-Rostowski, who served as Donald Tusk’s deputy when the European Council President […]

The post Donald Tusk’s Former Deputy Is Standing For Change UK- TIG appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Hugh Bennett

Transport for London are under fresh scrutiny over the ads they’ve allowed People’s Vote to plaster all over the tube, breaching TfL’s guidelines against political ads. TfL’s response was that the ads were allowed as they didn’t “promote a cause associated with a specific political party”. Would the rules be bent this far for a […]

The post TfL Cover Up Cost of People’s Vote’s Dodgy Tube Advertising appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- order-order

David Singleton who edited Public Affairs News quit as editor some six weeks ago. He is off to WPI Strategy so will no doubt be ethically lobbying on their behalf. He wrote a valedictory piece on his 7 years covering lobbying here. The Dods-owned publication has not been updated since the day he wrote that […]

The post Lobbyist’s Gamekeeper Singleton Switches to Poaching appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- order-order

Tory MP Lucy Allan is publicly recommending candidates for the rival Brexit Party. Andrea Jenkyns has also dropped hints that she too is supportive of the Brexit Party. Not much party discipline being shown… Sources within the 1922 Committee suggest that there is a fair chance the executive will endorse a rule change tonight allowing […]

The post Tory MPs Supporting Brexit Party, 1922 Rule Change Rumoured appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Tom Harwood

The Brexit Party this morning unveiled a host of impressive candidates, but introduced Afghanistan veteran and environmental campaigner James Glancy as a former ‘Royal Marine’. Guido can reveal that Glancy was in fact in the special forces, serving in the elite Special Boat Service. He is now a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and […]

The post Brexit Party Candidate Not Just ‘Royal Marine’, Was in Special Forces appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Hugh Bennett

Tory MP Christopher Davies has got off with a £1,500 fine and 50 hours’ community service after admitting to submitting two false expense invoices. Davies escaped becoming the second MP to go to jail this year after Fiona Onasanya… UPDATE: The Tories finally comment: “Chris Davies has been given a formal warning from the Chief […]

The post Expense-Fiddling Tory MP Chris Davies Gets Off With £1,500 Fine appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Tom Harwood

Catchily titled ‘Change UK- The Independent Group’ have unveiled a new logo, and new MEP candidates. Among them are… Rachel Johnson Boris Johnson’s sister Stephen Dorrell Former Tory MP Neil Carmichael Former Tory MP Jessica Simor QC who tweets a lot Gavin Esler ex-BBC man who tweets a lot Compare this to the Brexit Party’s […]

The post ‘Change UK’ Candidates are Familiar Faces appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Tom Harwood

After the announcement of seven candidates last week, today Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has added five new candidates to their list. It’s an impressive lineup and a big change from the kippers of old. Just 58 to go… Claire Fox Writer, Director of the Academy of Ideas. James Glancy Environmentalist, Award Winning 3x Afghanistan Veteran. […]

The post Brexit Party Announce Five New Candidates appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Hugh Bennett

The Brexit Party unveils five new candidates today…

The post WATCH: Brexit Party Launch New Candidates appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Tom Harwood

Readers will remember Ryan Jones, the Lib Dem Newport West Parliamentary candidate, and his mysterious disappearance on by-election night. Now Jones has popped up on his Berlin based stag do wearing a T-shirt proclaiming that he likes his Brexit how he likes his men. Could this be a clue as to what he was up […]

The post Lib Dem By-Election Candidate Likes His Brexit ‘Hard’* appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- order-order

The Times’ Red Box has produced a useful chart of the indispensable ConservativeHome’s leadership polling for the last 2 years. There was an eccentric period of Mogg ascendancy in late 2017 – which Guido laid at the bookies to the tune of thousands – before Boris became the activists first choice again. Dominic Raab has […]

The post Raab Picking Up Support appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

- Westmonster

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sounded less hardline than some in Brussels yesterday, talking of the need to be “creative” to reach an agreement with the UK as the Article 50 […]

The post Merkel talks of 'creative' Brexit solution as No Deal threat grows appeared first on Westmonster.

- Westmonster

HMRC have announced Transitional Simplified Procedures for customs if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal, a move welcomed by the British Chamber of Commerce and Brexiteer MPs. The […]

The post Simplified customs procedures planned for No Deal Brexit appeared first on Westmonster.

- Westmonster

The Brexit betrayal from the Labour Party continues to grow momentum by the week, with their would-be Brexit Secretary now refusing to rule out ‘free movement of workers’. This would […]

The post Labour's Starmer fails to rule out 'free movement of workers' appeared first on Westmonster.

- Westmonster

The Republic of Ireland’s anti-EU Irexit: Freedom to Prosper party have hit out after reports emerged of the Irish government resisting bilateral border talks with the British government. Why wouldn’t […]

The post Irexit: 'EU fanatic' Varadkar heightening chance of No Deal Brexit appeared first on Westmonster.

- Westmonster

Former First Minister of Northern Ireland and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lord Trimble is taking the government to court over the backstop. He and others are now set to pursue […]

The post Lord Trimble taking government to court over backstop appeared first on Westmonster.

- Westmonster

The vast majority of Conservative Party members are against extending Article 50 and delaying Brexit. Not surprising, but a timely reminder to those hardline Remainers in the Cabinet constantly seeking […]

The post 80% of Tory members oppose delaying Brexit appeared first on Westmonster.

- Westmonster

The launch of Turning Point UK, a youth movement for conservatism that started off in America, has caused left-wingers to go into a full meltdown in record time. Headed by […]

The post Turning Point UK launches, left-wing heads explode appeared first on Westmonster.

- Westmonster

The increasingly worrying behaviour of the Irish government has been demonstrated again today by their apparent refusal to discuss with the British side ways to use technology to avoid a […]

The post Irish government knocked back UK talks to avoid a hard border appeared first on Westmonster.

- Westmonster

Female Genital Mutilation is being increasingly performed on babies and very young children in Britain, according to a BBC report. Latest stories direct in your inbox Sign up for the […]

The post FGM 'being carried out on babies in Britain' appeared first on Westmonster.

- Westmonster

Investor morale in the Eurozone is now at a more than four-year low as the dire economic outlook across Europe continues and the UK gets set to exit the European […]

The post Eurozone investor morale hits four-year low appeared first on Westmonster.

- Paul Goodman

There will now be an emergency meeting of the National Convention to debate the motion of no confidence organised by Dinah Glover.

- Paul Goodman

This result makes one think back to the summer of 2016, and Gove's abandonment of Johnson during the leadership election that year.

- Paul Goodman

We scarcely need to make the point again.  Our Party members' panel is backing the candidate, in any run-off, least associated with the Prime Minister's policy.

- Paul Goodman

This completes a disappointing set of results for Javid, who beat Gove for top slot when we held run-offs last summer.

- Paul Goodman

A pattern is emerging whereby the contender least associated with the Government gets more support than the other.

- Paul Goodman

Again, note that neither candidate has over half the total.  Over one in five of our Party member panel respondents would abstain.

- Paul Goodman

These results suggest that while the Foreign Secretary may be doing well among Tory MPs, he would have way to go were his name to be put to Party members.

- Paul Goodman

The abstention rate plummets to under ten per cent once a non-Cabinet member who voted Leave in 2016 is offered to the panel.

- Paul Goodman

Again, note the abstention rate.  Almost a fifth of respondents don't vote at all.  So we have yet to find a candidate who can gain half the vote.

- Paul Goodman

This finding suggests that many members will sit on their hands if two candidates who voted Remain in 2016 reach the final.

- Andy Street

In Birmingham, rail has recently become the leading mode for commuting - overtaking the car. This makes it the only city outside London where this is true.

- Conservative Home

Further details enclosed.

- Conservative Home

Leadership 1) May told to name departure date, or face being ousted in June “Theresa May will be told by... Read more »

- Paul Goodman

The easiest course for 1922 Executive Committtee members to take is to put a decision off. Here's why that should be avoided.

- Edward Davies

Government should be passionate about self-reliance, but we must also recognise the transformative power of an enabling state.

- johnredwood

A happy St George’s day to all. Today England should be celebrating our freedom out of the EU. England voted by 53.4% in favour of Leave, with a large 1.921 million vote margin of Leave over Remain. English voters expected us to be out by now. Once again England has been let down by UK […]

- johnredwood

Many members of the Conservative party are feeling let down that we are still not out of the EU. They warmed to the Prime Minister’s approach that no deal is better than a bad deal, and accepted her assurance we would be out by 29 March 2019. Many Conservative MPs are unhappy about the plunge […]

- johnredwood

It is right that the law requires landlords to treat their tenants well and to stick to the promises they make in their contracts with tenants. There have been too many cases of bad landlords who have failed to maintain properties to a decent standard, or who have sought to evict tenants for no good […]

- johnredwood

In the year to February 2019 house prices edged up by just 0.6% nationwide, whilst average earnings advanced by 3.4%. Housing just got a bit more affordable. There was a north-south divide, with London prices down by 3.8% and South east house prices down by 1.8% whilst prices rose in all other regions bar one. […]

- johnredwood

Yesterday Wokingham was in better spirits with the sun shining. The Marketplace was busy, with the Courtyard restaurant doing a good trade. The new Cook shop opened with many visiting to see the range of prepared meals on offer for home cooking. The sooner Peach Place is fully opened, the better. It was a pleasure […]

- johnredwood

The UK has been one of biggest cutters of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. Since 1990 UK carbon emissions are down by 43% compared to a target of 40%. The UK met its first carbon budget in 2008-12 and outperformed targets in the second budget 2013-17. All looks good for outperforming again in the current budget […]

- johnredwood

I attended All Saints Church this morning for the ecumenical Good Friday service. The congregation then walked to Market Place to hear the Easter production. This year’s play was a well crafted reminder of the life and work of Jesus, and the significance of his death on the cross. The play stressed the Christian values […]

- johnredwood

The latest poll for the possible European elections shows Labour on just 22% and the Conservatives on a new low of 15%. The two main parties in the current Commons commanded 82.4% of the vote between them in June 2017. Then both parties promised to implement the decision of UK voters to leave the EU. […]

- johnredwood

Over the next two weeks Mr Corbyn can determine the fate of Mrs May’s EU Agreement. If he placed a three line whip on Labour MPs to vote for the legislation necessary to bind the UK into this new Treaty, he would give Mrs May enough votes to secure the matter. There might well be […]

- johnredwood

I was pleased to see the Council opened Peach Place for people to see what it will be like last week-end. I look forward to early completion of the remaining pavement works, so new shop tenants can move in.

They had one job….Amidst the fury in the Conservative Party at Theresa May's overt betrayal of the Brexit vote, Wayne Fitzgerald, deputy leader of Peterborough council, told the Telegraph of a large number of constituents 'who will not vote for any Labour politician, Conservative politician, anybody other than an anti-EU party'. This is an area tha...

  Leave and the 'left' 2002-2017, 41 pages, News-watch This News-watch study found that left-wing arguments for Britain to leave the EU have scarcely been considered on the BBC's flagship news programmes. Only 1,198 words across the entire 30 surveys came from left-wing speakers making any sort of case for withdrawal, an average of 86 words pe...

Members of Parliament (with the exception of those who have not rebelled and refuse to renege on the promises made in the manifesto) voted to take "no-deal" off the table thereby revealing Parliament as hard-line remainers, all too ready to reject democracy in an attempt to subvert the will of the nation and to sweep aside legitimate politics. "Har...

May is signing Britain into involvement with the European Defence Agency, the European Defence Fund, the European Defence Industrial Development Programme and PESCO. The EU describes all these together as the start of its military 'integration' leading to the creation of 'a Common Defence' in five years' time. EU leaders have been telling us they a...

Brexit is one of the most defining in our history. It is sometimes presented as a political disease, which must be cured by simply preventing its fulfilment or as a political opportunity, which will enable us to become once again a sovereign nation capable of making its own laws. What has transpired however over the last few months is the inability...

So we now know that the leaders of the other EU nations, doubtless pressured by the cabal of Eurocrats, have agreed to an extension of time before we can finally escape from the EU. They have, however, made this extension conditional on MPs accepting the PM's deal. Very clever. As I have consistently pointed out, Brussels does not want us to leave,...

The sovereignty of the people trumps the sovereignty of ParliamentLabour supporters should ask themselves, what if Labour wins the next election by, say, 1.3 million votes or fewer? Would they mind if the establishment decided that it was not a valid victory, because it was too close, or because Jeremy Corbyn allegedly lied when he said that he might give more money to the NHS, or because there was, allegedly, Ru...

The strategy of chaos is in full swing in the United Kingdom! The country has been plunged in a total information warfare, the EU having lost the legal and popular argument when the referendum took place in 2016. They have now resorted to using their weapon of choice: disinformation. The Brexiteers are making a serious mistake by focusing on May wh...

There are only two forms of government – government with the consent of the People or government without the consent of the People.  Charles Moore wrote yesterday [1] : "On Thursday, I was interviewed by a mainstream Swiss newspaper. Switzerland, of course, is not a member of the EU. The reporter's first question went something like this: 'My ...

In my article "The Extreme Middle and a New Theocracy," I argued that supporters of the EU worshipped at the altar of a new Theocracy. As the arguments over Brexit grind on, nothing has changed my view. Indeed, I'm more convinced than ever that it is true. Forgive me for repeating familiar facts, but it is necessary. Following David Cameron's reneg...

The 28 Leaver Conservative Members of Parliament who voted against Theresa May's 'Withdrawal' Agreement: Adam Afriyie Steve Baker John Baron Peter Bone Suella Braverman Andrew Bridgen Sir Bill Cash Sir Christopher Chope James Duddridge Mark Francois Marcus Fysh Philip Hollobone Adam Holloway Ranil Jayawardena Bernard Jenkin Andrea Jenkyns David Jon...

Suella Braverman is a brave woman. I have been speaking about the dangers of Cultural Marxism for many years, but she is the first Member of Parliament I have heard to use the expression during a speech for the Bruges Group . It is the right and proper term to explain the corrosive cultural atmosphere which has been generated today in the United Ki...

Oh, the irony. All that conspiracy theory about Kremlin interference in the EU referendum, and now the desperate Remain campaign cheats our public petitions website by encouraging signatures from anywhere in the world. Russians are aplenty among the millions of petitioners urging revocation of Article 50. Nigel Farage is rightly asking why this for...

Saluton ! The contrived language of Esperanto, thought to have disappeared into the mists of time, is alive and kicking. And it is on the cusp of gaining official recognition by the EU. Devised in 1887 by Ludwig L Zamenhof, an eye doctor and Ashkenazi Jew in the Tsarist empire, Esperanto merged multiple European tongues into one grammatically ratio...

An article dated 4 February and headed “Pictured: Man and two women arrested over the death of Irish drug dealer ‘killed over love-triangle feud’ in Spain” identified Natalie Parbodee as...

Police Scotland confirmed the arrest this morning and said the suspect had been released pending further inquiries. Welsh was gunned down from point-blank range on his Edinburgh doorstep.

A fire covered hillside above the village of Uppermill near Oldham, Greater Manchester in huge flames which engulfed land dangerously close to nearby houses.

Alex and June Carr are among residents furious at a revamp of Southend Airport in Essex that they say has made their lives a misery.

Greta Thunberg is the 16-year-old whose refusal to go to school because of climate change led to children around the world skipping classes to protest. She came to Britain last week.

The Government was accused of 'wasting taxpayers' money' on the 'pomp and ceremony' of an official trip after Trump and his wife Melania accepted the Queen's invitation to visit Britain.

Ministers gathered in Downing Street for the first time since the Prime Minister agreed to an EU Brexit extension until Halloween this year.

Joseph Trevor (pictured), 18, of Stoke-on-Trent, is accused of killing Megan Newton, also 18, after she was found dead at a property in Stoke on Saturday afternoon.

EXCLUSIVE: Between them 35 protestors arrested and charged over climate change protests in London made round trips the equivalent of more than 9,600 miles by road.

Planning officers in Suffolk told Ed Sheeran, 28, to take down the 'unauthorised signage' from his pub, which he named The Lancaster Lock after his wife, Cherry Lancaster Seaborn.

Extinction Rebellion continued their second week of protests today, after bringing bringing parts of London to a standstill and gluing themselves to trains last week.

The republican splinter group said 29-year-old journalist Lyra McKee (pictured) had died 'in the course of attacking the enemy' when a gunman aiming to kill police hit her in Londonderry.

The victim, named locally as Sammy Lee Lodwig, was found dead in a rented house at 3am following a reported stabbing in Swansea, South Wales.

Anders Holch Povlsen, who is Scotland's biggest landowner with 220,000 acres, was staying with his family at the Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo, when it was targeted by suicide bombers.

Matt Haycox, of Soho, London lived a life most can only dream of during his 20s - thinking nothing of spending tens of thousands of pounds on a weekend away with friends.